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Read Reviews for Our Plumbers in Halifax, Sackville & Surrounding Areas


For over 20 years, the team at Accent Plumbing & Heating has worked to establish ourselves as the go-to specialists for plumbing, in-floor heating and well pumps in Halifax and the surrounding areas. And, judging by our latest reviews, you can tell we are living up to our promise of excellent work at competitive rates.


Would you like to share your experience? Drop us a line and let us know how things went during your service call.


Service second to none! 

“After returning from a three-week vacation and looking forward to a relaxing Labour Day long weekend, we awoke to the sound of our septic pump alarm going off. Our first thought was that nobody would be working on the long weekend. One quick call to Accent Plumbing and low and behold, Ceily answered the call and immediately dispatched Tim. He attempted to see if he could fix the problem without having the tank pumped thus saving us additional costs. Unfortunately, it was not possible. Tim then committed to return to our home as soon as the tank was pumped. After taking care of some pressing business and making the arrangements to have it pumped, I returned home to find Tim patiently waiting for the pumping truck to arrive. By the end of the day, the broken lift pump was replaced and everything was put back in working  order. We have used the services of Accent Plumbing numerous times and we have never been disappointed. Ours thanks go out to the Accent Plumbing Team, Outstanding job! ”


Tom and Sue,
Hammonds Plains 


Highly Recommend

“I wanted to take a moment to thank both you and Tim for stepping in and helping us out on the Thanksgiving weekend of last year. We had not long moved into our new home, when on the Sunday of Thanksgiving we suddenly found we had no water. After exhausting all our knowledge, slim though it was, we realized that we needed help, and started to call around to see who could/would help us out, and lots of people did not bother to call us back it being a Sunday and the long weekend.


I found your number in the yellow pages, and although your advert did not state, 24/7 call out support, I was desperate enough to take the chance and call your number; you answered the call and immediately offered to call one of your techs and see if they would help us out. In no. Time at all you called us back and told us that Tim would come over and see if he could sort things out.


It turned out that we had to have a brand new pump, and in the dark, rain and cold of the closing in evening, Tim replaced it and after a very stressful day we had water.


We can't thank you both enough for stepping up and helping us out, when you did not have to, we would highly recommend you to anyone needing support and service.”


Many thanks for everything,

Ian and Wendy, Prospect



“Donald has finished up (he did amazing, I was expecting a whack of carpentry work be needed and he left here with very little that needs to be done). This is my third experience with Accent, recommended by my Dad, and I feel secure knowing the work is always going to be perfect and I have nothing to worry about.”


Thank You,

Justine, Halifax


Friendly, Conscientious... Happy with Everything

“Thanks for fitting us in right away for the replacement of our toilets and kitchen sink. I really appreciated how efficient you were with the scheduling.


Also we are really, really pleased with the installations and Donalds work. He is very friendly and conscientious, double checked all of his work, and made sure we were happy with everything. My contractor also mentioned that he was great to co-ordinate with.”



Fall River


Thank You for Fitting Me In

“I just want to tell you how much I appreciated you helping me out this morning. This problem must have been going on for some time because I can’t remember ever having this much water pressure. I had heard good things about your service from others in the neighbourhood and now I have experienced it myself and you can be sure that I'll be telling others. I know that you had to adjust your schedule to fit me in today. Thank you.”


Alfred, Hammonds Plains


Thorough Diagnosis, Repair & Cleanup

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with Tim the other day. We had been trying to solve this problem for a long time and have had other plumbers try different solutions at our expense but the sewer smell kept coming back into our house. Tim took the time to do a thorough diagnosis. Once he knew what the problem was, he explained to us exactly what was wrong (there was a broken fitting underground) and what would need to be done to fix it along with how much it would cost. He stayed, completed the work exactly as he explained, cleaned up better than it was before and now our house doesn’t stink anymore. Were very grateful. Thank You both.”


Deirdre, Upper Tantallon


Wonderful Job

“Good afternoon, Ceily: I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job Tim and yourself did for us both last night and today. Without you, we would have been without water for the entire week-end. In appreciation I posted to our Highland Park face book the following message. I hope it helps.


Sending out a shout out to Accent Plumbing & Heating. Lost my water at 4:45 pm last night. After calling numerous plumbers finally got success with Accent. They called me right back, tried to walk me through a solution last night. Ended up having to bring in an onsite plumber (Tim) who arrived at my door at 8:00 am. He assessed the problem and replaced the water pump within 2 hours. Add to that, the company called a half hour ago to make sure we were satisfied with the service. The service guy was equally professional, friendly and down to work. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing a plumber.”


Valerie, Hammonds Plains


The Best Service Ever

We obtained the services of Accent Plumbing over the last 9 years and they performed 3 large jobs – replaced all the domestic water fittings in our entire 3000 sq. ft. home, along with replacing all the Kitec plumbing for our heating system and a well pump repair. We had numerous smaller jobs completed as well over this period of time.


The most professional services were rendered by all their staff and we always received a neat clean up before they departed each day. We are impressed with their attitude, work ethics and their most courteous and pleasant manner.

A special thank you to Ceily for assisting me over the years whenever I called with a problem. On occasion, it was not a plumbing issue, however, she always referred me to other excellent contractors for a solution. She was most attentive and consistent in returning every phone call promptly. Also thank you to Brian for spending time to explain in full detail the extent of our Kitec replacement and especially for answering my countless questions.

A huge thanks to the team that worked here over the years – Brian, Tim, Donald and Josh. They are such a great group of guys to have working in your home. We will definitely recommend Accent to all our family and friends and give them 5 stars for their work.


Special people like you make the whole world happier!


Evelyn and Ken,Hammonds Plains


A+ service

Do not hesitate to hire Accent plumbing and heating for your radon mitigation! from the moment of contact with the company to the completion of the mitigation system Could not be more impressed and happy with their service. We highly recommend.

Tony and Nancy , St. Margarets Bay

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